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Secure Car Park

Image 1
Image 1 Service yard fob reader

Secure car parking is located in the service yard and can be accessed from South Street.

Use of the fob to access the car park

  • Drive slowly towards the gate
  • Present your fob to the fob reader (Image 1)
  • The gate will open to allow access

Exiting the car park

The car park operates on a one way (clockwise) system. To exit the car park

  • drive slowly towards the gate this will open automatically.

If the car park gate fails to open

Contact the Management Company as soon as possible to report the problem.

Parking rules

  • Car parking spaces in the service yard car park are not allocated and residents with a licence to park may use any available space
  • No caravans, trailers, boats etc may be parked in the car parking spaces
  • There are no spaces for visitor or commercial vehicles within the estate
  • All vehicle routes must be accessible at all times to service and emergency vehicles; private vehicles must not be parked anywhere or in a manner which causes blockage or an obstruction
  • Inappropriately parked vehicles may be ticketed on the instruction of the Management Company - this may incur a release fee to be paid by the owner or driver of the vehicle
  • Residents must display the permit allowing them to park in the service yard car park at all times.

Grit bins

Grit bin

There are 2 grit bins located in the secure car park, one adjacent to the ramp down to the bicycle store and the other near the entrance to the lift. For Health and Safety reasons, the Management Company does not undertake any gritting.

Removal arrangements and delivery of furniture or bulky items

For ease and to minimise inconvenience to others living in Park Hill, residents should discuss arrangements in advance with the Management Company - this will help to ensure that suitable vehicle access is available and that measures can be put in place where necessary to avoid damage to finishes, the lobby doors and lift.

Vehicle insurance arrangements

Residents are responsible for insuring vehicles kept within the estate.


Security of proximity fobs and vehicles

To reduce the risk of vehicle theft from the car parks, proximity fob units should neither be left inside nor on display in vehicles.

Public Car Park

A public pay and display car park is located on site and accessed from Duke Street. This is enforced by Simple Intelligent Parking (SIP) Ltd and is designated location #89233. An electronic ticket or permit can be purchased online.

South Street Restricted Zone

Street parking

Adjacent to South Street, in front of The Cut, there are a few spaces for parking. This is enforced by Simple Intelligent Parking (SIP) Ltd and is designated location #89233. An electronic ticket or permit can be purchased online. Note, this location is also a designated fire assembly point.

South Street alongside Flanks B and C is a single track road and designated a Restricted Zone. No parking or stopping is permitted except as long as necessary to set down or pick up passengers.