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Usage restrictions

Leaseholders and tenants are bound by several restrictions on the use of balconies. Please consult your own lease for the specifics of your flat, but in general, residents are not to:

  • expose any articles of clothing to dry on the balcony;
  • bring any dangerous articles onto the balcony;
  • store rubbish or unsightly materials on any balcony;
  • discard any object from any balcony;
  • use a barbeque or other cooking facilities on any balcony.

Repairs and maintenance

The balcony(s) form part of each flat but the concrete balustrades and timber handrail (Phase 1) are classed as part of the fabric of the building. This means that it is the responsibility of the Management Company to maintain and repair. In the event of any damage, please contact the building manager. The timber handrails were (if leaseholders financed) refinished in Autumn 2022 using ICI Ultimate Walnut Woodstain.[1]

Balcony render colours (Phase 2)

Balcony render colours match the colour of the front doors. See Doors for details.

  1. Park Hill (Phase 1) Timber Redecoration - Update, Plumlife, 19th October 2022