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Park Hill in Sheffield (United Kingdom) is of national and international importance, evidenced by its Grade II* listed status.  Along with a significant redevelopment process, this can make it a complex building to understand and look after.

This wiki is published by the Park Hill Residents’ Association (PHRA) and aims to provides comprehensive information for residents and others about their home and the wider Park Hill Estate.

Where information varies depending on which part of the estate that you live, look for the [Expand] link.

The information specific to the phase will then be displayed.

PHRA invites residents and others to collaborate on the development of this wiki, either by improving existing content or adding new information about different aspects of Park Hill Estate. Guidelines on how to register an account and make your own edits are provided here. To navigate this wiki, please use the shortcuts provided below and in the sidebar. Alternatively, search for a word or phrase in the Search Park Hill Wiki box above.

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