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Table Tennis table

A landscaped garden is provided for residents use. Furniture such as seating, tables and a table tennis table (provide your own equipment) is available for use.


The various wildflower meadow beds are planted with different mixtures. The lower beds are planted with “Purple Haze” and “Golden Summer”.

In February 2021, the top bed and side bed meadows were replanted by Pictorial Meadows with a "Super Pollinator" and "Patchwork Quilt" mixture respectively.

Please avoid taking short cuts through the wildflower meadows as this will damage the plants.

Herb Garden

A small herb garden is located near the tables and benches which residents are invited to use (within reason).[1]

Park Hill Plinth

Park Hill Plinths

Five concrete plinth discs are positioned across the gardens. Commissioned in 2015, these are the work of artist Keith Wilson, and form the initial and only permanent features of Sculpture Park Hill, which was launched in 2017.[2]

The diameter of the plinths are 3.18 metres which is equal to the size of the grids which form the main building.[3]


Create Partnerships

An exhibition of street furniture and playful products for the public urban realm was installed on the plinths in March 2021. The products displayed were:

Bears of Sheffield

Between July and September 2021, one of the plinths hosted Bear Queen by Laura Aldridge as part of the Bears of Sheffield trail organised by The Childrens Hospital Charity.[4]

Memorial Bench

Memorial plaque

A bench is located in the garden in memory of Trevor Darien, otherwise known as "Mr T" the well-respected former Park Hill barber.[5]