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There are six lifts at Park Hill - two scenic lifts located in the lobby (Flank B), one at the Duke Street end core (Flank A), one at the South Street end core (Flank C), one in the lobby (between Flanks E and F) and one at the Rhodes Street end core (Flank D) . The right hand scenic lift descends to level 0 for access to the service yard.

During hot weather, the glass lifts are susceptible to breaking down. It is recommended to use only if necessary on such days to avoid the risk of being trapped. The Management Company may put the lifts out of order in extreme circumstances.

To call a lift

Press the ‘call’ button and the indicator light will illuminate to confirm the request.

To ascend or descend

Press the appropriate street level button on the control panel. Street level names will be displayed and announced automatically.

Control of lift doors

To hold the doors open, or to re-open doors to let some one in or out, press the ‘door open’ button ( <I> ) on the control panel. After a short period without movement in or out of the doorway, the lift car doors will automatically try to close (the automatic time period can be adjusted if required - refer to the Management Company). If the door sensors detect either movement, or an obstruction in the doorway, the lift car doors will remain open for a further period. After multiple failed attempts to close, the lift car doors will eventually lock open. Passengers must not lean against or attempt to prop doors open because this will affect the operation and may damage the lift.

Emergency procedures

For emergency purposes, the lift cars are fitted with a push-button alarm, an emergency telephone line and battery back-up lighting.

If a passenger is trapped in a lift car

Press the emergency alarm button for at least 5 seconds; the lift car is automatically connected to the lift company control centre using the telephone line. The emergency operator will talk to the passenger and advise them how long it may be before an engineer can release them. Any residents hearing the alarm should try to talk to the trapped passenger and, if necessary, call the Management Company.

If the lift doors fail to open

If the lift car travels to a floor, but the doors fail to open automatically or when the ‘door open’ push-button ( <I> ) has been pressed, the passenger should attempt to return to the floor on which they entered the lift BEFORE activating the ‘alarm’ push-button.


Use of the lifts

The lifts are primarily intended to carry passengers and their light luggage, but the lifts can be used to move smaller items of furniture and other non bulky items. If this is necessary, prior arrangements should be made with the Management Company who will be able to issue a priority use key to hold the lift doors open whilst objects are loaded/unloaded.

Lift weight restriction and measurements

Refer to the Management Company for guidance - residents are strongly advised to check these details before purchasing or attempting to move any bulky objects in the lifts.

Damage to the lifts

Residents will be held responsible for any damage caused to the lift and the cost of repairs, particularly if the above guidance is not followed.

Problems with the lifts

All problems with the lift should be reported to the Management Company immediately.

See which lifts are not working at or help inform other residents by making an update yourself.