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The communal areas and lobby at Park Hill are semi tempered (not enclosed) and the Streets in the Sky are external and as such are naturally ventilated. Exits at both ends of the street are clearly sign posted.

In the event of a fire:

Assembly Point
  • Telephone the emergency services on 999 and take instruction on whether or not to leave the building. The attending fire officers will instigate evacuation procedures if necessary
  • Do not do anything which would endanger you or others.
  • Do not re-enter the building until it is declared safe by the attending fire officers
  • Do not use the lifts
  • To exit the building there are five points of exit - the helical stair to the lobby and the end core stair to Duke Street (Flank A), South Street (Flank C) or Rhodes Street (Flank D). There is also a staircase in Beton House across the link bridge from Flank H.
  • An assembly point is located at the bottom of South Street