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South Street is listed in the Sheffield City Council Highways Register as an adopted road meaning it is maintained at public expense. Alongside Flanks B, C, G and H it is designated a Restricted Zone meaning there are restrictions on parking.

South Street is a shared space, meaning there is no segregation between vehicle and foot traffic. The design of the street is to slow down vehicle traffic, however please take care when walking or driving along it.

Community Garden

Community Garden

Across from the building, in front of flanks B and C is a community garden. Although the land does not fall within the formal boundary of the Park Hill estate, the Park Hill Residents’ Association entered into a stewardship agreement with Sheffield City Council in March 2018 to maintain it. Please contact the Green Working Group if you wish to get involved in maintaining this facility.

Adjacent to the community garden, South Street Kitchen developed a growing area in June 2022.[1]