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There is cycle storage in each Phase of the Park Hill redevelopment.

Availability of spaces may be limited. As an alternative, secure cycle parking spaces are available at Sheffield Cycle Hub, a short distance away at Sheffield Railway Station. A key costs £10 (as of February 2021).

Phase 1

A secure, covered bicycle store is located in the service yard at the far end of Flank A.


The bicycle store is accessed via proximity fob, which requires activation for this area. There is a waiting list for the limited spaces in the bicycle store (as of February 2021). Contact the Phase 1 building manager or property manager for more details or to add you name to the list.


Litter pickers

A community tool board is available containing bicycle maintenance tools.

Litter pickers, kindly donated by Amey, are stored in the bicycle store for residents to use along with some plastic bags under the bench. These can be used without any advance permission but please return in good condition and report any broken litter pickers to Park Hill Residents’ Association. There are also a set of litter pickers used by the GoodGym, which can also be used for larger litter pick events. Check first with Park Hill Residents’ Association who will contact the person responsible.

A 2.5 litre tin of matt acrylic RAL9010 white paint is stored next to the workbench. This is for residents to use to touch up the paintwork on their walls. If you notice the tin is empty (or nearly empty) then please contact Park Hill Residents’ Association.

There are items of gardening equipment stored in the bicycle store. These are the property of a Park Hill resident, so please get in touch with Park Hill Residents’ Association who will forward your request to use.

Phase 2

To follow

Phase 3

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