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Apartment windows

The apartment windows do not open; ventilation is achieved by opening the sliding fixed panels. To open these:

  • Unlock using the key
  • Slide panel open

To prevent problems with the mechanism or damage to the sliding fixed panel ensure that the runners are kept clean and free from obstruction. All sliding panels are fitted with an internal glass balustrade (Image 1) to comply with building regulations. These balustrades must remain in place and must not be tampered with by the resident.

Image 1.

Window cleaning

The windows are designed to be cleaned by the resident internally and externally where reasonably possible from the balcony.

External cleaning of balcony glazing should be carried out by the occupier. External cleaning of windows which cannot be accessed from the balcony will be carried out by the Management Company. For Phase 1 properties, the frequency of this cleaning is 3 times per year for external windows and once per year for the infill panels[1]. For Phase 2 properties, the frequency of window cleaning is quarterly.[2]

Window breakages or problems

Any breakages or problems with the windows should be reported to the Management Company, who will arrange for a suitably qualified contractor to attend or for repairs to be undertaken (note that, depending on the nature of the problem, repairs may be charged to the resident).

Balcony sliding doors

Image 2

Balcony door handles are identical to the window handles however use a separate key (Image 2).

To open balcony doors:

  • unlock using key
  • slide panel open
Image 3.

To prevent problems with the mechanism or damage to the sliding door, ensure that the runner tracks at the base of the door are kept clean and free from obstructions (Image 3).

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