Refuse disposal and recycling

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Refuse arrangements

The refuse chutes are located on each street between flanks A&B and F&G.

Residents are required to:

- Take their refuse to the refuse chutes & deposit in the chute

- In the interests of hygiene, ensure that waste is transferred in secure bags, avoiding spillage in the communal areas


Recycling bins are located in the service yard and below flank F (fob access only) for the disposal of glass, plastic and card/paper items. There are no bins for food waste recycling.

Please be considerate of your neighbours which live adjacent to the service yard. Particularly refrain from disposing of glass recycling early in the morning which can cause a loud disturbance.

Note there are a set of bins located close to the service yard vehicle exit. Residents should not use these as they belong to South Street Kitchen (labels are displayed on the bins to indicate this).

Bulky waste

There is no specific facility for the storage and disposal of bulk waste at Park Hill. Residents must make their own separate arrangements for the collection and disposal of bulk waste, such as unwanted appliances, furniture or packaging materials. The Local Authority offers a bulky waste collection service and should be contacted as needed. If you are a tenant of Great Places, there is no charge for the collection of your bulky waste. The cost of the service is paid for through your rent payment, limited to one free collection of up to 12 items in any twelve month period.

Please do not dump bulky waste near the bins. It is your responsibility to arrange for collection of bulky waste.


Residents are personally responsible for transferring their refuse to the chutes. Residents must not leave refuse or bulk waste in the communal areas. Any waste which is dropped or any spillages which occur when transferring waste to the basement store must be cleaned up by the resident.