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Hardwood flooring

Phase 1

Feature Description Flank Manufacturer Colour Thickness
Hardwood flooring Engineered hardwood flooring A (mainly) Kahrs Oak 12mm
B & C (mainly) Kahrs Oak 14mm

Phase 2

Feature Description Manufacturer
Hardwood Flooring 3 strip 2G Click 14x125mm EF Grade Natural Atkinson & Kirby

The following general care and maintenance guidance is suggested:


  • Clean the floor regularly
  • Wipe up any spilled liquids immediately
  • Use protective pads under all furniture legs
  • Use barrier mats at all external doors to protect your floor from grit
  • Note that stiletto heels and pets claws will damage the floor
  • Keep the ambient room temperature between 18-20ºC


  • Allow liquid to stand on the floor, as this can cause the wood to expand
  • Use a wet mop to clean the floor - always use the mop damp
  • Use abrasive cleaners, as these will damage the seal
  • Allow sharp or abrasive objects to come into contact with the floor
  • Walk on the floor in stiletto heels or spiked shoes

For detailed guidance refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Bathroom floor tiles

Phase 1

Feature Description Dimensions Thickness Supplier Colour / Finish
Bathroom floor Studded rubber tiles 500mm x 500mm 2.6mm Carpet & Flooring Light grey

Phase 2

Feature Description Colour Supplier Website
Bathroom floor Linoleum sheeting Modern Living DJ Black Tarkett https://home.tarkett.co.uk/en_GB/collection-C000154-modern-living/dj-black

Bedroom carpet

Phase 1

Feature Description Flank Manufacturer Colour
Bedroom carpet 32oz heavy duty domestic carpet A (mainly) Not specified Nimbus
B & C (mainly) New Oaklands Silverstone

Phase 2

Feature Description Manufacturer Colour Website
Bedroom carpet Hereford Luxury Wool Lifestyle Floors Hobnail Carey https://www.lifestyle-floors.co.uk/product-detail/hereford/hobnail-carey


For spillages:

  • Act immediately when possible
  • Do not introduce further liquid prior to proceeding as advised in the guide
  • Do not rub or scrub carpet as this might damage the texture
  • For more persistent or unusual stains, contact a professional carpet cleaner