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Apartments are fitted with the following:

Phase 1

Image Item Description

Kitchen unit lights Steon Slim link T4 Ultra Slim Linear single fluorescent luminaire IP20 High Freq 80mm white FSUS30 (mainly Flank A flats), or

Sensio LED strip light SE90311HDCW (mainly Flanks B & C)

Kitchen behind concrete downstand Lamps & lighting ‘Jonopack’ range, cat. No. AVR66.021E, lamp 21 watt, 849mm T5 high output G5 cap colour 21-840 cool white 4000k fluorescent tube, lamps & lighting cat no. T.HE21840
Wall lights Lamps & lighting ‘Ronda’ range, cat no. DCC 440 + S1, lamp 2x26 watt TC-DE 4 pin cap G24q3 colour 840 4000k cool white compact fluorescent lamps & lighting cat no. T.TCDE26840. To change wall lamps lift and remove ceramic cover.
Stairway pendant light (where applicable) Eaton/MEM CIRCA PG00400004U cat no. F1091
Stairway Non Pendant (where applicable) Lamps & lighting ‘Brique’ range, cat no. DCC 410, lamp 26 watt TC-DE 4 pin cap G24q3 colour 840 4000k cool white compact fluorescent lamps & lighting cat no. T.TCDE26840
Living area ceiling rose mounted on concrete downstand beam Eaton/MEM CIRCA ceiling range, PG00400004U with a F1200 ceiling rose cat no. F1250. Provided on completion for resident to fit.

Bathroom spotlight led.png

Bathroom spotlights Halogen spotlight (mainly flats in Flank A)

Lamps & Lighting ‘Elios Dinki Maxi’ range cat no. LVE 50DD/WH+ LVTE 60LH (low voltage transformer), 1 x 50 watt 12 volt QR-CB51 (GU5.3) low voltage recessed maxi downlighter to accept 50mm dichroic halogen lamps in white, lamp low voltage halogen quartz dichroic 50mm reflector lamp 36 degree enclosed 12 volt 50 watt lo QR-CB51 Cap GU5.3 lamp & lighting cat no. L.M258

LED spotlights (mainly flats in Flanks B & C)

The original fitting is now discontinued but THIS is a suitable replacement. Note the original has an external transformer but this replacement has a transformer built in so don't worry that there isn't a white box on the cable in the replacement.

Ovia Nano5 Inceptor 4.8W LED Fire Rated Dimmable Downlight White 4000K

Bathroom light Flank A flats (mainly)

Encapsulite MT-IK10 IP68, 660mm, lamp: 14 watt, 549mm T5 16mm diameter G5 Cap Lumiluz plus FH colour 21-840 cool white 4000K fluorescent tube. Osram Cat. No. FH1484

Flank B & C Flats (mainly)

Streon FSCT 114/CL/FM/CP

Phase 2

Image Item Description
Awaiting image Recessed LED lighting Skydisc IP65 7W 4000K 650Lm
Awaiting image Cylinder lighting Astro CYL 200 IP20 CE Wall Mounted; 2 X 40W; 1186001 white glass opal
Awaiting image Ceiling pendant PRC031 6” T2 BC Ceiling Pendant Set; polar white, 250V, 86mm diameter x 30mm
Awaiting image Pendant lights above stairs PRC031 T2 BC Ceiling Pendant Light, 250V
Awaiting image Flat entrance light ELA-27465-MBLK Yate Fixed Fire Rated Downlight in Matte Black Finish
Awaiting image Staircore light Mallon LED CE IP44 Wall Mounted 15.6W Ref 1125016