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Radio and television services overview

Park Hill is fitted with a communal aerial system to provide the following media services to the apartments:

  • Terrestrial Very High Frequency Stereo Radio (FM)
  • Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB)
  • Terrestrial Digital Television (Freeview e.g. BBC News 24, ITV2)
  • Sky and Sky+ Digital Satellite Radio, Television and Interactive services

Access to these services will depend upon:

  • The resident’s receiving equipment (e.g. TV receivers,adapters, decoders)
  • The services currently available from the service providers (e.g. Sky, Freeview)
  • The resident’s subscription to the service provider, where required

Viewing TV signals in other rooms

Image 1: Home entertainment main outlet socket
Image 2: Home entertainment main outlet socket

Before any services can be received in additional rooms, the sockets in these rooms will need to be made active from the main outlet socket (Image 1) to those in the additional rooms (Image 2) as shown on the media connection diagrams which are enclosed. To do this, the resident must purchase the following items from a TV retailer:

  • Co-axial cable
  • UHF Splitter
  • Barrel Connector

Media connection diagrams from the system installer are available here (PDF).

Viewing Sky channels

Only one decoder box can be installed in each apartment and only the channel being watched via the main socket can be viewed in a separate room.

Service providers

New Sky subscribers

Since there is a communal distribution system already provided in the building, Sky will pass you directly to a specialist installer who will make an appointment to visit the apartment, arrange a subscription contract with Sky and install the appropriate equipment. Sky will then bill the subscriber directly and the installer will be responsible for any technical problems with the installation under a 12-month warranty.

Existing Sky subscribers

Connect the “digibox” / decoder in accordance with Sky system instructions to the main satellite outlet sockets and advise Sky of the change of address.


Television licences

Residents are responsible for paying their own television licence fee and making sure that they are in possession of an up to date licence.

Sky satellite service subscriptions

Although the reception is via a communal distribution system, residents are responsible for paying their own Sky service subscription fees.

System installer

For further guidance upon any aspects of the TV distribution system, residents are advised to contact the system installer.