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Park Hill residents have a strong sense of community, and together with other neighbourhood groups, work to maintain the Estate and contribute to the well-being of its residents and neighbours.

Organisation Description Contact
Park Hill Residents' Association Supports and encourages resident participation in the life of Park Hill
Green Group Recyling, green energy, gardens and landscaping, environmental sustainability at Park Hill
Phase 1 Service Fee Working Group Service fee and service delivery by Estate management company
Phase 2 Working Group
Communications Working Group Maintains the Park Hill website, PHRA social media and PHRA noticeboards. Also publishes the quarterly newsletter.
Book Group A nice social group that meets monthly to discuss a book (fiction, non-fiction ... anything, really)
Friends of Sheaf Valley Park Local people promoting Sheaf Valley, including the Cholera Monument Grounds, Clay Wood, Skye Edge, South Street Park and amphitheatre; engaging in nature, art, health activities, litter picking and other activities. Very friendly!
ACORN ACORN is a community-based union of working class people, tenants, workers and residents. It is a member-led campaigning organisation supporting & empowering low-income communities across the country to fight for a better life.
S2 Food Bank The S2 Food Bank is a network of community and faith organisations who have come together to provide food parcels to those in need of food who live in the Sheffield S2 area.