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Image 1: Home entertainment additional outlet socket

Telephone and Internet

Each Phase 1 apartment has been cabled with analogue telephone and internet services. A single line has been cabled in to the apartment terminator box, located in the utility cupboard. This phase of the estate was retro-fitted with fibre broadband provided by Hyperoptic and Idaq .

Phase 2 apartments have been cabled with digital FTTP telephone and internet services with both Openreach and Hyperoptic fibre broadband termination boxes installed in the utility cupboard.

Slave outlet sockets are located in the living room and bedrooms. An additional socket on the living room multi-media outlet panel, is provided for connection to interactive TV services (Image 1).



Residents must contact BT to make arrangement to activate the telephone line. A standard connection charge will apply and this must be paid by the resident.

Cable services/Virgin Media

No provision has been made for cable or Virgin Media.

Image 2: Entry Phone Handset

Entry Phone

Each flat is installed with an entry phone which is linked to the entry panel at the entrance door in The Cut (for Phase 1) and Pat Midgley Lane (for Phase 2). Phase 2 Townhouses are accessed directly from Rhodes Street.

To admit a visitor

  • Pick up the handset to speak to the caller.
  • If you wish to admit the caller, press the ‘key’ button to open the lobby entrance door.
  • After the visitor has entered the building, the lobby door will close and automatically relock after a pre-set delay period.