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Apartment front doors

Phase 1

Image 1: Phase 1 front door asset tag

These are 60 minute fire doors (FD60). The managing agent has a legal obligation to complete annual fire door checks to each flat entrance door. Each door should have an asset tag (see Image 1) to identify it, which helps keep an electronic record of these inspections[1]. This may be attached to the face of the door or the inside edge.

The design and colour of the doors facing into the common parts must not be changed by the resident as these are part of the architectural design of Park Hill. If there are any queries relating to the doors please contact the Management Company in the first instance.

The ply panels for the front doors (if leaseholders financed) and surround were refinished in Autumn 2022 using Clear Gloss Yacht Varnish[2]. The door is the responsibility of the leaseholder however the surrounding panels are responsibility of the managing agent.[3]

Phase 2

The front doors are solid core timber doors. The design and colour of the doors facing into the common parts must not be changed by the resident as these are part of the architectural design of Park Hill. If there are any queries relating to the doors please contact the managing agent in the first instance. The door (and where applicable) balcony render colours are listed in the table below.

Colour Code Address DC
Arctis 105 30BG 37/110 85H, 90H, 109H, 90LH, 100LH, 106LH, 121LH, 129LH, 151LH, 81N, 101N, 115N, 122N, 129N, 137N, 148N 4
Verona 95 70GG 18/156 87H, 98H, 103H, 87LH, 99LH, 110LH, 122LH, 137LH, 156LH, 97N, 126N, 144N 7
Patina 5 90GY 35/111 86H, 91H, 97H, 108H, 80LH, 88LH, 98LH, 105LH, 112LH, 125LH, 134LH, 147LH, 153LH, 86N, 96N, 98N, 107N, 112N, 131N, 143N, 151N 6
Lago 100 10BB 17/269 83H, 93H, 79LH, 84LH, 93LH, 114LH, 126LH, 131LH, 146LH, 84N, 90N, 100N, 121N, 128N, 149N, 154N 15
Saphir 45 30BB 32/139 95H, 101H, 105H, 82LH, 102LH, 116LH, 135LH, 140LH, 143LH, 155LH, 87N, 89N, 106N, 108N, 114N, 123N, 132N, 150N 10
Lago 105 10BB 32/262 108AH, 86LH, 89LH, 104LH, 119LH, 124LH, 148LH, 157LH, 92N, 105N, 116N, 133N, 135N, 140N, 142N, 155N, 157N 13
Viola 10 30RB 49/042 106H, 101LH, 133LH, 83N, 103N, 120N, 141N 12
Malachit 40 70GY 18/176 79H, 84H, 94H, 100H, 104H, 103LH, 111LH, 118LH, 123LH, 132LH, 149LH, 158LH, 110N, 158N 9
Lazur 160 10BB 09/250 81H, 89H, 96H, 110H, 91LH, 107LH, 120LH, 128LH, 138LH, 142LH, 152LH, 82N, 85N, 94N, 102N, 111N, 118N, 125N, 134N, 145N 14
Arctis 95 30BG 14/248 82H, 92H, 107H, 81LH, 96LH, 117LH, 127LH, 136LH, 141LH, 145LH, 93N, 109N, 113N, 138N, 152N 8
Saphir 50 70BB 40/062 85LH, 94H, 97LH, 108LH, 113LH, 150LH, 79N, 91N, 95N, 99N, 117N, 127N, 130N, 139N, 146N, 156N 11
Patina 55 70GG 55/096 80H, 88H, 99H, 102H, 83LH, 92LH, 95LH, 109LH, 115LH, 130LH, 139LH, 144LH, 154LH, 80N, 88N, 104N, 119N, 124N, 136N, 147N, 153N 5

Front door ironmongery

Phase 1

Image 2: Front Door deadlock
Image 3: Door Closer

The front doors are fitted with 2no. NHBC and Checkmate approved sash and dead lock system (Image 2), these ensure that the doors:

  • Can be opened from the inside without the need for the use of a key to ensure rapid escape in an emergency
  • Cannot lock automatically when the door is closed - this prevents the resident from being accidentally locked outside of the apartment. The front door is also fitted with a Glutz internal door frame door closer which is a necessary part of the building fire strategy and should not be removed or disabled (Image 3)

For added security and NHBC and Checkmate approval doors are fitted with a peep hole.

The lock cylinders phase 1 are unusually long and were probably made to order. It is unlikely you will be able to buy replacement cylinders to change to the locks but it is possible to get the locks changed through  H Harold and Sons Ltd in Shalesmoor.

You need to take one of the lock cylinders out of the door (or both if you don’t mind being temporarily unable to lock the door), see removing a Euro lock cylinder, and take the cylinder(s), with the key to the locksmiths above. They can reverse engineer the locking mechanism from the key and provide you with a new, and different key for the lock. If you only take one cylinder explain you have a second cylinder that needs to be keyed-alike (assuming you want one key to operate both locks).

Phase 2

The front doors are fitted with 2no. Building Control approved locks.


The keys for the apartments are coded security keys. Copies can only be obtained with written consent from the freeholder confirming that you are a leaseholder. If you require additional keys, please contact the Management Company who will ensure you have all the required information.

Care and maintenance of doors

To keep the doors looking at their best:

  • Carry out routine cleaning (e.g. removal of finger marks), using proprietary products and a soft cloth; do not use any abrasive household cleaning materials
  • Take care not to scratch paintwork or numbering with keys or sharp objects