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In the event of an emergency and you require Police attendance, please telephone 999. For example:

  • When there is a threat to life; this includes road traffic accidents where people are injured, the road is blocked or a vehicle involved in the accident has failed to stop
  • Violence to a person or damage to property is imminent
  • A serious offence is actually in progress
  • A suspected offender is still at the scene of a crime
  • When any delay in reporting the incident may prevent the apprehension of an offender
  • When serious disruption to the public is currently taking place or, is likely to take place

Other enquiries

Non-emergency matters can be reported to South Yorkshire Police by telephoning 101, or online. If you witness a crime or suspicious behaviour at Park Hill (e.g. drug dealing, incidents of violence or abuse etc) then please contact South Yorkshire Police immediately.

Community Policing

Park Hill is served by the Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Policing Team.