Servicing and maintenance

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It is suggested that the following items should be considered for regular servicing, maintenance or testing. Refer to the manufacturer's or installer's guidance where available.

Floor coverings

Clean timber flooring, carpet and tiles.


Clean internal frames/glazing and lubricate accessible hinges and locks.


Lubricate hinges and service door closers.

Smoke and heat detectors

Clean and test units.

Cooker hood

Clean and/or replace filter.

Ventilation fan

Clean and/or replace filter.

Consumer unit

Test RCD circuit breaker.

Baths, sinks and showers

Regularly clean and flush plugholes and waste traps for hygeine and to minimise the risk of blockages.

Ceramic hob

Remove spillages and repair any scratches in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.


Ensure sliding door tracks are free from obstruction. Ensure balcony drainage is free from debris and obstructions.


Record keeping

It is recommended that servicing records and receipts are retained for future reference (e.g. when letting or selling the apartment).

Owners who let their apartments

Take note of and comply with all relevant statutory requirements relating to testing and certification of electrical installations and appliances in the apartment.