Streets in the sky

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'Streets in the sky' is the term commonly used to describe the open deck access at Park Hill. There are 4 streets - Norwich, Long Henry, Hague and Gilbert - each consisting of 3 levels of the building (street level, above street and below street). These are named after the streets that were located on the site prior to their clearance to make way for the building of the estate.

The streets are accessed by residents only and are covered by CCTV cameras.

Please be considerate of your neighbours and refrain from running in the streets as it generates a loud noise in the below street homes.

Wet Riser Outlet
Dry Riser Outlet


Wet Risers and Dry Risers are located at intervals along the streets. These are for supplying pumped water for firefighting purposes so refrain from obstructing these clearly marked outlets.

Front Door mat

Door mats

The door mats in front of the front doors in Phase 1 are part of the common area and not the flat and are the responsibility of the Management Company to maintain. These are periodically cleaned by the contracted cleaning service provider.