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Residents and sponsors have set up a Community Tool Board, principally to support cyclists and other users of the Phase 1 bicycle storage area. Access is restricted to authorised users but any resident may apply for access without charge. Please direct all enquiries to the Park Hill Residents' Association.

Tool board


  • Please feel free to use any of the tools on the tool-board.
  • Please return tools used to their place on the board after use.
  • Please do not take tools out of the bicycle storage area.
  • Tools used at your own risk. If you are not sure how to use them, please seek advice.
  • When using cleaning products or lubricants, users should consider making a small donation to offset the cost of replenishing these consumables.


Donations of tools for community use may be left in the donations box in the bicycle storage area. Monetary donations from individuals or businesses will be used to purchase additional tools and equipment.

Questions about and suggestions for the Community Tool Board may be directed to the Park Hill Residents' Association.


The support of the following organisations in setting up the Community Tool Board is gratefully acknowledged: