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Security Patrol

There is a security presence on site in Phase 1 between 19:00 and 00:00. During this time, the security guard is based in the concierge office in the lobby, except when they are on patrol of the site during the evening.
This is undertaken by the contracted security service provider and paid for from the service charge. If necessary, residents can call Security - phone numbers can be found in Contacts. There is no security presence on site for Phase 2.

Police Patrol

The police occasionally patrol South Street in their vehicles.

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV cameras cover all entrances, interior common areas and the exterior of the building. The CCTV system is managed and operated by the Management Company. Requests to access CCTV footage must be made to the building manager. CCTV footage is subject to privacy restrictions. Furthermore, footage is only retained for a limited number of days and so it is recommended that any request is made as soon as possible.

Personal security cameras

Note that the installation of recording devices such as personal CCTV cameras or video doorbells, requires the approval of your immediate neighbours as stated in the lease provisions.